What can I do for you?

I offer animated video, motion design and graphic design services.


Motion Design

From animation to moving graphics, bring your idea to life and engage your audience with more of their senses.

I have worked on clips from advertising products in a few seconds, presenting business strategies, explainer videos and high profile events. These have been displayed for mobile devices, social media, video sharing platforms, along with outdoor advertising,


Digital MArketing

Social media is a powerful platform. Instagram stories are the new magazines of the 90’s and you are immersed into your audience’s life, literally in their hands.

It’s exciting to create content that makes your audience want to like, tag, comment, bookmark and even swipe right!



Identity is important. It’s essential that you come across right and in good time, but also that your presence is recognised and valued. I love making this happen.

I will work with you in creating your logo, and developing a strategy and voice for your presence.

Much of my work also involves photography, video production and editing.